Seiko Chiming Carriage Analog Clock QHJ201G

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Welcome to the official online store for Seiko Clocks. Here you will find over 130 years of Japanese craftsmanship, that make each of these Clocks incredibly reliable. Layered with Seiko's proprietary technology, these Clocks even push the limits of precision and performance as we know it. And Seiko's mastery of traditional Japanese aesthetics adds an inherently distinctive style. Simply, the finest timepieces - since 1881.


Model: QHJ201G


Clock Type: Standing
Case Material:Aluminium
Case Colour: Gold
Dial Colour:Gold
Numeral Type: Roman Numerals
Hand Configuration: Hour, Minute
Height: 24.9cm
Width: 15.3cm
Depth: 8.5cm


Features and Functions
Hour & Quarter Hour Chime
Hourly strikes follow the hour chime
AutoMattic Chime Silencer (11pm-5:45am)
Volume Control
Battery Type
C X 1